We are Curridabyte

We are a software development team based in Costa Rica that specializes in building beautiful and meaningful products for your projects


Vue.js, Angular, React, Preact and Svelte. PHP, Node.js, Next, Nuxt, Nest, Gatsby and Wordpress. Figma, Sketch, Lucidcharts, Diagrams.net


Web, mobile, desktop, native, hybrid, SPA, PWA, SSR


Testing, SEO, hosting, monitoring, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, data science, e-commerce, e-learning, augmented reality, games


Travel & tourism, real estate, telecommunication, financial, media & entertainment, utilities & education, social, healthcare, government, energy, manufacturing, transportation, scientific


The analysis and discovery of goals and needs to satisfy the scope and client's timeline. Collaborative design process to produce high quality, unique, consistent and proven UX/UI solutions


Fast development process, flexibility for workflows and technologies, scalability and innovation using tools and technologies that keep your project safe and performant


We ensure the most efficient and cost-effective delivery of your project. Our DevOps approach lets us monitor, test, track, scale and maintain your application in optimal functionality

Drupal 9

Drupal Development

Drupal experts in technical consulting, building custom modules and themes, migrations, security, e-commerce, integration with apis, libraries and frameworks, upgrades and optimization, seo and code audit, support & maintenance.